modMine release 25

modMine release 25

Release 25 of modMine contains all the submissions validated by the end of August 2011. There are 1664 submissions, organised in 69 experiments which in turn are divided in 12 categories.

There are 1185 submissions regarding D. melanogaster, 464 concern C. elegans, and there is also a small number of submssions for other Drosophila species:

D. mojavensis 4
D. pseudoobscura 4
D. simulans 4
D. ananassae 1
D. virilis 1
D. yakuba 1

New in this release.

- Ensembl Compara

The Ensembl Compara data set has been used to get homologues information.

- Easier exploration of other mines

Links to other mines (RatMine, FlyMine, metabolicMine,ZFINMine, YeastMine)  are available on reposrt and list report pages and allows exploration of orthologues genes.

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